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General information
Below are some links to useful information. If you're not sure what you're after, a good place to start might be the help area.
  • Some interesting KML data to view in Google Earth
    This page presents some fun KML data to play with in Google Earth, incuding the Milky Way galaxy in radio light, and information on the brightest thousand asteroids including their positions and motions over time.
  • About telescope-net
    About Automated Patrol Telescopes Australia and the telescope-net website.
  • Services offered
    A listing and explanation of all services offered by telescope-net.
  • Accounts
    This explains the types of accounts which you can sign up for.
  • Recent changes.
    Details of recent changes to telescope-net or this website.
  • HELP!
    Need more information? Detailed help is available here.
    About the Scheduled, Autonomous, Robotic Observation System (SAROS).