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About APTA
APTA brings the universe to your computer!

APTA lets you take pictures of anything in the night sky that is visible to one of its telescopes. From the comfort of your personal computer, you can access and use telescopes anywhere in the world, simply and easily.

With a login to this website, you can:

  • request images of any object in the sky. These will be observed automatically for you. The images will be emailed to you, and will be available for you when you next log in.
  • request a "direct control" session. You can take direct control of a telescope via your web browser. During your session, the telescope is available exclusively to you.
  • see what the telescopes are doing right now, and what requests are currently scheduled.
  • see what the weather is like at the telescopes.

Over the past several years, Automated Patrol Telescopes Australia has developed a method and process of delivering high-quality, astronomical images on demand to users anywhere in the world, via a network of remote and robotic telescopes. By using a standard desktop PC and Internet connection, a client may request an image of any object visible by one of its telescopes, whether it is in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere, and receive that image promptly via email. If the request is for an object which is immediately visible to a lightly-loaded telescope, the image can arrive in less than twenty minutes. Otherwise, we will continue to attempt to service the request until it expires, possibly reallocating the request to other telescopes in the network. For more about the system which accomplishes this, please click here.


Where are the telescopes located ?

Our first installation is in Rochedale, located near Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We are in the process of developing new telescope sites in south-eastern Queensland. Additionally, we are soliciting other telescope owners throughout the world who might be interested in joining this network. If you think that you might be interested in "plugging in", then we invite you to contact us at .


Where is your central server located ?

Our central server is located in Brisbane, Australia. This server is the heart of the APTA system. In addition to producing web pages, this central host communicates with remote telescopes, it accepts, stores and refactors imaging requests, and it dispatches resulting images the requestors. This server also runs a sophisticated and mature scheduling engine to coordinate the telescopes and the many observing requests. To find out more, please contact us at the above email address or log in now.