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HIP 93378 (star in constellation Pavo), observed with telescope omara on Thu May 26 18:31:51 2011 UTC (7.41 years ago). More images...


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telescope-net lets you take pictures of anything in the night sky that is visible to an available telescope. From the comfort of your personal computer, you can access and use telescopes anywhere in the world, simply and easily.

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  • request images of any object in the sky. Stars, galaxies, comets, asteroids, planets - you name it. These will be observed automatically for you. The images will be emailed to you, and will be available for you when you next log in.
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telescope-net is also committed to making many of its astronomy services available to you via the web. For examples, please see the "Google Earth stuff" and "Google module stuff" links at left. We intend to expose and integrate more of our services in this way.

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